Michelle Wood
Eating eggrolls straight out of the fryer — that’s how we did it.  My love affair with food began with mom’s nurturing hands teaching me to roll eggrolls and wrap dumplings rich with the flavors of our homeland.  As with many cultures, food is at the heart of all celebrations that brought us all together.  Some of my fondest memories growing up are with my grandmother, mother and aunties preparing feasts for the family. 

My background begins with a childhood in NYC’s Chinatown followed by an Olympic level track career married with academia that ultimately led to a successful career in the several fields of science. Years spent working my way through college on an organic farm, making cheese at a goat dairy and selling at farmer’s markets ignited the intense spark of my passion. It kept me entrenched in the food culture and allowed me opportunities as a young adult to experience it as a purveyor.  I still remember the first time Alice Waters came by the goat cheese stand at the Berkeley Farmer’s market.  This was a poignant time in food with a movement towards the use of local and sustainable products.  I was lucky to have found myself amidst it all soaking in all the knowledge amongst the rolling vineyards of Sonoma County.

My desire to step out of scientific world and run my own business combined with my love of food inspired me to start a catering business. As an athlete with a rich history in Asian cuisines, my meals are flavor infused and wholesome with a focus on feeding the body and the soul. My zest for adventure inspired me to buy a food truck and here I am today! A self-taught chef equipped with passion and wheels!

Living amongst such bountiful fields of organic produce in Northern California allows me the privilege to provide a nutrient rich variety of dishes bursting with flavors from my heritage and backyard.

Let me cook for you.  One girl, one truck, one love.

Sonoma County Road